Friday, February 25, 2005

I Found My Honeymoon Suite - 15m Under the Sea!

So I work a little in reverse. But since this Resort is not yet built, I still have some time to find the guy. I will mortgage my home if I have to, but before I die, I will go to this place, if only for one night. At a cost of $2000 a night, I hope I can find a coupon.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Devotion for Today

We all have dreams of what we think would be the perfect life for ourselves. If we just had [fill in the blank], we are sure then we would be complete and fulfilled. How many of us though really ever come close to realizing those dreams? Rather, most of us live each day with a temporary mindset waiting for all of those things to happen while inevitably life passes us by.

In my case, I'm sure holding on to my "temporary mindset" protects me from having a complete nervous break-down. In fact, on really bad days, the belief that someday it won't be like this, is all that pulls me through.

As I reflect back on my life thus far, I realize that I really have come a long way to better the life for myself and my boys. However, despite the significant positive changes that have occured in my life, I still believe it should be better and so, I continue living as if this were only temporary.

And so, we forge through our lives living in what we view as a preliminary state to our eventual future happiness. We hold on to hope that "someday" our life will not be filled with so much anxiety, stress, unfullfillment and whatever we believe to be less than perfect, so as to avoid the dissappointment that maybe we are living the reality of our life.

In reality, today is the only day we have. There are no guaranties we will get another. What type of place would our world be if everyone out there lived each day believing there would be no other? Tonight when you watch the news, you will hear about the people who didn't.

Go out and live, love, learn and make someone else smile - Today.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Its Like Rich European Chocolate - Love

Last June when my fiance broke up with me, I was told it would take 8 months for me to feel myself again. (Calculated 1 month recovery for every 2 months of a relationship)

"Myself" meaning that:

My heart would no longer jump into my throat everytime the phone rang late at night thinking that maybe, just maybe it was him calling to apologize for being so stupid and beg me back;

I would no longer scan every license plate of every black BMW, or Ford 350 I pass on the road in case it was him;

I would delete and no longer update the MFM personal ad I placed for him on Craigslist;

I would be able to go out in public without paranoia of running into him; and

I would no longer consider slashing the tires on his car if indeed I did run into him in public.

It worked! Exactly 8 months have passed now and except for this blog, I have scooted him out of my thoughts. And the pain that I viewed as such a loss in my life, has been replaced by relief that I won't spend the rest of my life with an obsessive, controlling freakazoid. Sure, I still have the scar tissue wrapped around my heart, that will never dissappear. And thankfully so. It serves as a reminder to me to not "fall" for anything less than someone who can fill that place in my heart 100% and be everything I need.

It's just like when I have a craving for chocolate -- I'll devour an entire bag of chocolate chips cause that's what I have on hand, but it never completely satisifes that desire for the real thing - -, rich, european-chocolate -- if I could just wait.

In fact, I have a date this Saturday night. I think I'll order the chocolate fondue.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

No More Bad Excuses for Bad Dates

Just in time for Valentines Day, a cell phone company offers an SOS for stress free dating by offering a way out. Now, when you find yourself on the worst date of your life, for only $.25 simply push a few buttons on your cell phone and your rescue phone call will come through.