Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Can you believe I actually got teenage boys to dress up like this? - - I'm good!

The greatest Christmas gift is not gold rings, Diamonds, silver watches, or nice sparkly things.

Not presents of green, red, purple or blue, with fancy ribbons, bows and shiny things too.

Not scotch pine trees or mistletoe, nor turkey, or holiday places to go.

Not caroling in the streets, great as that is, or two matching sweaters, hers and his.

Wonderful and good as these all are, yet something else wondrous surpasses them by far.

The Greatest Gift of All is Love.

Through friends and family who touch us so, giving hope and joy and helping us grow.

Tis such friends who comfort, aid and keep on giving.

That bless us with peace and make life worth living.