Tuesday, April 19, 2005

First Job As a "Quiznos Cup"

Breaking news in my family: my 16 yr old son got his first job working at Quiznos in LO. Its a brand new store and they held their grand opening yesterday.

To top off the honors, my son graciously accepted his assignment for the opening day - - wearing the "Quiznos Cup" costume and standing along Kruse way at I-5 and demonstrating his loyalty and pride for his new job. However, apparently wearing a cup costume does come with some risk.

**The tales of a Cup on the road**

Give a 16 yr old the opportunity to stand anonymously on the side of the road with
a captive audience of over-stressed adults and a license to attract attention and you have a recipe for good times. Almost right away, standing and waiving lost its appeal, when my son spotted his chance for greatness - - a pedestian. The pedestrian walked by and with commuters watching, my son followed the pedestrian mimicking her walk and getting some laughs. She apparently noticed and looked back, and simultaneously my son, the giant cup, turned around to waive at cars, and when she began walking again, my son proceeded to follow her some more, stopping each time she looked back.

As you may also guess, a giant cup costume is not the easiest to manuever around in. Unfortunately, as my son was heading back to Quiznos, at the end of his shift, he forgot this fact and decided to take the short-cut up the hill. As a result, a dozen or more traffic-goers hilariously witnessed the sight of a giant Quiznos Cup rolling down the hill along Kruze Way. (If I had seen that, I would have peed my pants laughing). Apparently, some drivers did see this, as was evidenced by screeching tires and near rear-end collision that my son heard as he was being helped up off the sidewalk by his co-worker.

So, if you see a giant Quiznos Cup along the side of the road, with mud stains and a little squashed you'll know the reason why.

I'd like to know some of your "first" job stories?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

In My Dreams

For the past week I have been having intense nightmares/dreams, whatever you want to call them. So, I decided to check further into the deeper meaning of the one that woke me up at 1:00 a.m. on Monday morning.

The Dream.

I was with my boys and we were out on a farm that had a river running right along the side of the house.
The main living area of the house had glass sliding doors that opened up to the river, which was only two feet or so away.
The frightening part? We were surrounded and being pursued by tornados.
At some point, I was outside searching for my boys, and the tornados were off in the distance, but they were fast approaching and it was getting very dark.
I was running, but could never run fast enough, and to make matters worse, the tornados were seemingly alive. They could think, and knew where I was hiding.

Everytime I found my boys and started to find a hiding spot, the tornado would appear lurking around the corner coming towards us. All around us things were flying through the air. I had this idea for all of us to jump in the river, which now had become a lake.
While I was trying to get everyone to jump in and hide under the dock, the tornados knew and we couldn't escape them long enough to get into the water.
Then I woke up.
Even awake, I still couldn't shake the fact that I never escaped them, and still felt like I must get back to save us.

So, in my meaningful search for why I had such a dream I found this Dream Dictionary Click on the letter "T" and see what it means to dream about tornados.