Sunday, January 13, 2008

NOT Playing In a Theater Near You

I rarely go out to the movies anymore. Its just easier to wait for the video release and watch them curled up underneath a snuggly blanket on my couch. The exception however, when I absolutely won't miss seeing a movie in the theaters, is with any John Cusack event. Maybe seeing him on the big screen takes me back to the 80's, when he was my total hearthrob, while stuffing q-tips into his face he was absolutely irrisistable! For no matter the reason, I patiently await every new film he is working on to finally make its way to a "theater near me".

Which brings me to his latest movie, Grace is Gone. I have been following its progression since early last year when word was released about the project. I have been eagerly anticipating seeing this movie, and finally it has been released, but only in a land far, far away from me. I am completely devastated I am not able to see this movie. What if something happens to me and I die and never get to see it...that would be the absolute end of it all.

I have unsuccessfully tried to find out where it is playing, using fandango and yahoo movies. Unless I can guess a zip code, for some idiotic reason, the movie listings won't give you a list of locations where a film is currently playing. I seriously think that needs to be fixed. Example, I want to take a vacation but I'm not sure where I want to go yet. What I do know is that while I'm on my vacation, I want to see a particular movie. How will I know where the movie is playing in order to decide where I want to go on vacation? They really ought to think these sorts of things out when they are creating these web sites. Its quite an obvious oversight.

Meanwhile, I am restricted to going to the official site of Grace is Gone, and repeatedly watching the preview for my JC fix.

Trivia: The date in the movie they chose as the date of the death of Stanley's wife, is my birthday!