Friday, October 29, 2004


An employee of Delta Airlines was suspended due to content she had posted in her Blog,
Queen of the Sky.

This brings to light some other very interesting questions about just what are a blogger's rights and responsibilities when it comes to personal webblogs? Are there any specific laws yet regarding the issues that blogging can raise? For example, what about defamation, liable, and privacy laws when writing about other people in our lives? Additionally, what about intellectual property rights? Frequently, throughout the blogging community there is a lot of sharing of information. Most blogs do appropriately give credit to another's work by referencing and linking to that information, but what if someone does not?

What if a blogger posts a poem or song, or some other type of art, would that be protected under our current laws from someone else coming along and claiming it as his/her own? Obviously, there would be no protections outside of the United States, and vice versa, if someone from another country were to copy something.

I guess I'll be holding off on those draft posts about my ex a little longer.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


I feel so old, my grandma is 82 today. Wait, why would that make ME feel old? Oh, I don't know. I guess because I can remember when she was 55 (because thats the age she had braces put on her teeth), and I will be 55 someday in my future (okay - 20 yrs), which means that 82 is really not so far off, really.
With that being said, I am amazed by all that my grandma has experienced -- a full life -- and yet since my grandpa died 3 yrs ago, she is really beginning anew. She has this whole new chapter of her life beginning, that she is trying to figure out what exactly she should be doing. The entire concept of time perception in life amazes me. Everyone I talk to (myself included) is always focused on the future, i.e.: when this happens, I will do this. I will be happy when ... No one ever thinks about what if the best part of your life has already passed. That its already been the best its going to get. Is it possible to out-live your life? If so, what matters most from that life? My grandma, was married to my grandpa for 60 years, raised 3 daughters and watched them raise their children and even watched while her grandchildren raised their children. She and my grandpa lived their lives together for almost twice as long as I have walked this earth. They had each other. And now, at 82 my grandma is alone with only her memories and grandpa's voice on the answering machine to hold on to, and yet, she has so much life still in her, she could easily live another couple decades (more than half of my life!) She probably will too, since longevity runs in the family. So, she says she is lonely and wants a "man-friend". She amuzes me when we talk about that. She just really misses having the man's perspective around. Grandma always had more male friends than women. She tells me that she never got along well with other women, and she preferred hanging out with men. The reasons she gives for this are soooo true! Men don't gossip about you behind your back; men don't try and look better than you when you go out; men don't remember what color your hair was last week; they don't expect you to know what color their hair was last week; men don't care if your shoes don't match your purse; men will tell you you look great, and mean it; men will give you directions and not get upset if you still get lost; men will take you to dinner and let you talk about yourself; men will understand if you forget their birthday; men don't try and instantly solve your problems; men will check your car's engine, and do it without changing their clothes; men don't hold grudges forever; men will forget; men want you to look bettter than them; And, men will rub your feet without telling everyone you need a pedicure! Happy Birthday Grandma!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


BOOOWAAHHAAHAA. What good is having a Webblog during October without listing the top scariest Houses and Attractions around Portland? So, here it is my top 11 list of places to go and things to do when the leaves are falling and the sun is out, but its kinda chilly and you get to wrap yourself in a cozy sweater coat and go outside to breathe in large gulps of fresh, crisp air (pre-Mt. St. Helens) and do a little dance if you're so inclined:

1. 13th Door Haunted House - 10125 SW Washington Square Rd, Tigard, Oregon / 503.730.4579 [I have not gone, but have heard good things about this one - it is in an old theater that is claimed to be truly haunted!]

2. Baron Von Goolo's Museum of Horrors & Freakshow of Freakish Freaks -MARINE DRIVE/JANTZEN BEACH/Take I-5 North to Exit 308 [Just went to this last week, and it was good. The props and background were cool. However, I thought some parts were too dark to be able to see some of the effects]

3. Catacombs of Darkness -The Oregon School of the Deaf, 999 Locust Street NE, Salem Oregon [Have not been]

4. Dr. Saito's Screamland - Oaks Park, in Sellwood [Went to last year, and will go again this year - love the dude with a chainsaw -my 14 yr old son actually scared him last year! - ha ha]

5. House of Midnight - Family Fun Center, Bullwinkles, Wilsonville [This has previously been in West Linn, but has moved this year]

6. Rossi's Haunted Hayride- 3839 Ne 122
Portland Oregon 97220 [Haven't been. You can tell me all about it]

7. Sandy Mountain Festival Halloween Spook Trail - 13220 SE 362nd Ave, Boring, (503)668-5900 [Haven't been - please post comments!]

8. Scream At The Beach- Jantzen Beach, Portland [See Baron Von Goolo's comment about]

9. Mulburn's Haunted Mansion11503 Broadacres Rd NE, Hubbard, Oregon 97032, 503-982-1232 [Haven't been. Tell me about it if you go]

10. Hoffman's Dairy Farm 6815 S. Knights Bridge Road ~ Canby, Oregon 97013, (503) 266-4703 ~[It just isn't October without going to this place for my family. Love to see the prize winning largest pumpkins and the corn maze is a must. And they have the most wonderful gift shop and expresso!!! You won't be dissappointed - oh and you can get your pumpkins here too!!! Maybe I'll see you there.]

11. Wenzel Farm Haunted Fantasy Trail 19754 South Ridge Road, Oregon City, OR 97045, 503.631.2047 [Great especially for the younger kids. Inexpensive refreshments. Idea - make it pizza night: take the kids to this and then out to your favorite pizza place, and it will become a welcome annual family event. They also have a X-mas event, and the lights are awesome!]

As I find more, I will add. Have a Safe and Happy Haunting!!!!


Liepold Farmsl
Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch