Monday, June 04, 2007

Energize Me Its Monday

Inevitably, the weekend has left us and took with it our beautiful sunshine. As much as I love, scratch that, crave the animated color and warmth of the sun as it beams down upon our northwest landscape, I won't move away to any other place that might enjoy its company more often than we do. So, I guess I love living among green things even more than I do being hit by sunbeams, as wonderful as that may be. It would be nice, however, if one of the results of "global warming", was for more sunshiny days in P-town.

I worked all weekend in my yard (except for my backyard - which, I am not going to touch- as I indicated in a previous post). And so, as the sun set yesterday evening after I had pushed the final pile of debris into the compost pile, upon impulse, I did a drive-by of my yard.

I drove around the block and back from every possible direction, to see what my blood (literally) and perspiration had inspired. And Mom said it was good. I had a small glimpse into how the creator may have felt after the seventh day.

When I found it to my satisfaction I decided to take a picture. Alas, my camera blinked "change the batteries" and I decided, that is how I felt too. Wouldn't it be sweet if we could just shut off when we had had enough, and blink "change the batteries".

My battery change, if I could do so, would be a week-long cruise where I could be pampered and not have to cook or clean up after anyone else. While I was away on this spectacular cruise, someone would be repainting and making repairs to my house, and doing all the laundry. And I would return refreshed to a home without a list of to do's.

Ahhh, Energize Me!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

There Goes My View

See the house on the right hand side of the photo? It belongs to an elderly gentleman, who has always remained pretty reclusive during the 5 years I have lived here.
So, imagine my surprise this morning when I see dozens of cars parking and people walking up his driveway and walking into his house and back out again with arms full of treasures.
Curious, I walked out front and noticed the sign that read "Estate Sale".
I knew this day was coming.
In fact, just last summer when my other neighbors next to me were moving and we were talking about all the new houses being built in the neighborhood, I said (without knocking on wood, obviously) that it was inevitible that once they sell that house behind us, they will no doubt tear it down and build 2 monster homes on the double lot, which will in turn block my view.
I'm not saying that its the most incredible view in the world, but, its mine, and its all I have. Its one of the things that actually differentiates my house from the other bungalows around in my neighborhood that are sandwiched in between big houses. Not any more.
The thought of having to sit on my back porch and look at someone's oversize house, pisses me off.
I was spending my weekends cleaning up my backyard, trying to make it look nice, but hell, Im going to stop now. If they want to block my view, well then they can look at a crappy, overgrown, weed-filled, yard! Beside, I'll have no need for it to look nice anymore, since I won't be able to sit out on my porch and enjoy my view or watch the fireworks explode across the hills on 4th July.

Come On and Sweat With Me

My Mission: Get ready for summer and all that it implies, tanks, shorts, and the most feared - swimming suit!

My weapon of choice: Eclipse 1100 elliptical, I just got off of craigslist for a mere $150 - way cheaper than a club membership, paying for gas to drive to a club, and I don't have to wait for a machine to be available.

Stay tuned...